WashCo Bikes

Confidence in Traffic

Cost $35.00


Upcoming Classes


May 12, 2018   Location: PCC-Willow Creek Center (241 SW Edgeway Dr. Beaverton)

May 26, 2018   Location: PCC-Willow Creek Center (241 SW Edgeway Dr. Beaverton)


This clinic is meant to teach the concepts and skills of vehicular cycling - how to "drive" your bike in traffic the safest way possible as well as give some good information about riding in general, basic bike maintenance, etc. This is not a course to learn to ride your bike - you need to be able to do that before attending this clinic.


The clinic has two parts, as follows.

1) Online instruction and testing which you can complete at your convenience. you must complete this portion with and 80% or higher overall score.


2) On the bike instruction, each session will last 3-4 hours, depending on how many students, general skill levels, etc. You will need to bring your bike in working order, a helmet (required), and any water/snacks you might need. Also, dress for the weather. Most of the session will take place in a parking lot, where we will learn and practice skills and techniques. We will then take a group ride on local streets where you can practice the skills and apply the knowledge you have just learned in real life situations. We will end with you filling out a feedback form and the instructor will fill our a road test score sheet (yes, a report card).









New or Refreshing Your Skills

Cost $15.00


Are you wanting to begin bicycling or have you been away from cycling for awhile and want to refresh your skills? Good for you! 

Our new or refresher course is just what you are looking for. We'll go over the basic bike skills that will give you the confidence to get in the saddle and ride. You must be able to ride your bike. 

Class size is minimum of 3 so grab your friends and sign up now.



Smart Cycling for Youth

Cost $10.00


If you would like your child to learn the basics of smart (safe) cycling, this course is for you. This course covers helmets and fitting, basic bike safety checks, rules of the road, and how to scan for cars, signal turns and lane changes, etc.

It is designed for youths 9-14 years old who can already balance and steer the bike, but needs to know safe practices.


The class lasts 2-4 hours, and is mostly on-bike. Depending on class size and skill levels, we may end with a safe neighborhood ride so the students can demonstrate their newly learned skills in a real life situation. Each student must have a working bike and helmet.

Parents are encouraged to join.