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Drivers Ed for Cyclists

People who drive cars and trucks have had "drivers education" in the form of a written drivers test and test drive with a DMV evaluator to make sure you know the rules of the road and can safely operate an automobile. Some may also take a formal Drivers Ed Class.


On the other hand, anyone of almost any age can hop on a bike, and once they learn to balance and steer, can go out on the open road and ride wherever, whenever, and however they please, figuring out what to do or not do on their own; on-the-job training if you will. This leads to lots of different behaviors, which confuses motorists and puts the cyclist in danger.


We at WashCo Bikes (and the League of American Bicyclists) think there is a better way,  and that is to get some formal and comprehensive training including traffic laws as they pertain to cyclists, understanding the 5 Levels of Crash Prevention (and reduce the probability of a crash by up to 90%), learn hazard avoidance maneuvers, and a lot of other cyclist specific and useful information.


That description fits our "Confidence in Traffic- Drivers Ed for Cyclists" clinics. This not a how to ride clinic, but a clinic on how to "drive" your bike. This training developed by the League of American Bicyclists, is consistent throughout the  US.., so if all cyclists rode in accordance with these teachings, we would be safer, and motorists would know what to expect.

Dates for Upcoming Classes

CIT class
Sept 30th
Beaverton location to be announced
More dates to follow. 

Confidence in Traffic

Registration for each clinic ends 7 days prior to the clinic, to allow time for the student to complete the on-line education and testing. Class sizes are limited, so sign up early to guarantee a spot.


Pricing for this class is $50.00. On the registration page, once filled out, you will be taken to the payment page.


This clinic is meant to teach the concepts and skills of cooperative cycling - how to "drive" your bike in traffic the safest way possible. Learn the 5 Levels of Crash Prevention, hazard avoidance skills, and get some good information aout riding in general, basic bike maintenance, etc. You will also receive a Smart Cycling manual to keep.


This is not a course to learn to ride your bike - you need to be able to do that before attending this clinic.


The clinic has two parts, as follows:


1. Online instruction and testing which you can complete at your convenience. you must complete this portion with and 80% or higher overall score.


2. On the bike instruction, each session will last 3-4 hours, depending on how many students, general skill levels, etc. You will need to bring your bike in working order, a helmet (required), and any water/snacks you might need. Also, dress for the weather. Most of the session will take place in a parking lot, where we will learn and practice skills and techniques. We will then take a group ride on local streets where you can practice the skills and apply the knowledge you have just learned in real life situations. We will end with you filling out a feedback form and the instructor will fill our a road test score sheet (yes, a report card).



If you would like to schedule a clinic for your family, friends, or group, email classes@washcobikes.org


Date of on-bike clinic        


August 12th, 9am   Adult Learn to Ride at Willow Creek.  Registration ends April 4.
More dates to follow. 


All clinics to be held at the Willow Creek Park and Ride, 241 Edgeway Drive, Hillsboro, OR.


Time TBD, but typically 9am start, 1pm end.


Minimum of 3 students per clinic; Maximum of 6 students without prior arrangement. 


Email: classes@washcobike.org for more information.


Sign up and pay online by clicking the Register button below...


Pricing for this class is $50.00. Once you have filled out the registration page, you will be taken to the payment page.







Skills and Safety Rodeos

WashCo Bikes hosts and stages skills and safety bike rodeos for schools, churches, recreation centers and municipalities, specialty events and at festivals.

What is a Bike Rodeo? A chance for people of all ages to improve their safety and bicycle skills through fun education activities that include following games, foot down races, slow races, obstacle courses, turns and stops.

We organize our rodeos to fit all age groups, up to 50 people and can last from 60-120 minutes.


We provide instructors, equipment, programming light repair and bike safety checks, free helmets, lights and written educational material.


Pricing for a rodeo is $250.00. Once you have filled out the registration page, you will be taken to the payment page. You will then be contacted to arrange a

date and time for your event. 






Smart Cycling- Learn to Ride

Never ridden or mastered a bicycle? Let's fix that!


Learn skills in a small-group, supportive environment, build confidence through on-bike practice. Balance on two wheels, power pedal start, pedal, steer, brake, shift gears, properly fit bike and helmet, learn safety checking your bike. No experience needed, novices welcome. Group size limited to 6.



Cost for this class is $25.00. After filling out the registration page, you will be taken to the payment page.

All ages.


Sign up and pay online by clicking the Register button below.


Free Repair Bike Clinics

Want to learn how to adjust, clean, repair your bicycle in a friendly, encouraging and instructive atmosphere?

Bring your bike, and our instructors will teach you how to maintain and fix it!


Learn how to:

Fix flat tires

Adjust seats & Handlebars

Adjust derailuers

Adjust brakes

Chain cleaning

Chain repair and replacement

Checking for broken spokes

Wheel removal for transport

And much more!


Here is the 2023 schedule


General Bike Repair Clinics -open to public .

Hillsboro Community Bike Shop (137 NE 3rd Ave)

Sundays  10:30-noon


Sept 10th

Oct 8th

Nov 5th



Women Only Repair Clinics

Hillsboro Community Bike Shop (137 NE 3rd Ave)

Wednesday 6-7:30 pm


Sept 6th

Oct 4th

Nov 1st


West Linn General Bike Clinic

(1750 Blankenship Rd. West Linn, OR)

 Saturday 10:30-Noon


Aug 12th

Sept 9th

Oct 14th

Nov 11th


There is a $20.00 registration fee which can be

refunded to you or as a donation to WashCo Bikes.

Indicate which you want when you sign in on day of.