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Board of Directors


Nick Baker-

Board of Directors Chair


Nick is a believer in the beneficent power of active transportation and aims to make Washington County a place where all community members — regardless of their age, ability level, or background — can comfortably and conveniently travel by bicycle. Given that transportation accounts for more of Oregon's greenhouse gas emissions than any other sector, he views active transportation, and bicycling in particular, as an important element in the conscientious stewardship of this planet of ours. Nick is a regular bicycle commuter and brings experience in planning, data analysis, cartography, program development, and visual communications to the WashCo Bikes board of directors.





John Haide

Board of Directors- Advocacy Coordinator


Emily Shriver

Board of Directors- Note Taker


Terry Wilson

Board of Director - Health Care Overseer


I’m a retired electrical engineer. My semiconductor career spanned from (RAM) memory design to radio chips used in iPhones and GPS.  I’m constantly amazed at how the industry advanced from a few hundred devices on a chip in the 70’s, to millions of devices on a chip in the 20xx’s.  
Bikes have been a constant throughout my life, first growing up on a small island, to everyday commuting.  I found that bikes not only let me beat the traffic, they also gave me time to think and come up with solutions, whether they be for work or how to fix my bike. I have now taken my passion for working on bikes to a new level, by volunteering as a Washco bike mechanic, getting and keeping more people on bikes.


Wil Warren

Board of Directors 

Steve Boughton- Education Coordinator


Steve has been with the organization since January 2009, and served as the Board Chair from 2012 to 2023.
Steve is a long-time cyclist and touring cyclist.  He has ridden extensively in Europe, New Zealand, Canada, and the US.  He took his first formal bike safety clinic at WashCo BIkes in early 2009 and realized the value of having the concepts and techniques of safe cycling put into a comprehensive easy to understand format.  At the first opportunity after taking the clinic, he signed up to become a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) certified by the League of American Bicyclists and has been teaching these concepts in the Smart Cycling clinics since May of 2009.  Steve believes that knowing what to do and not do when riding with traffic will make people much more confident and safer.  
 Steve was also instrumental in starting our youth bike day camps where youth can learn many of the concepts and techniques of smart cycling as well as having a great time.