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Meet our Saddle Up Instructors

Bailey Givens

Bailey Givens is from the Big Island of Hawaii where she spent seven years teaching and performing for HICCUP Circus and Cirque ‘Ohana. Although she embarked upon her cycling journey atop a unicycle, Bailey has discovered the joys of bicycle riding and is gearing up for her first distance bike tour in August. She is planning on studying Outdoor Education at Northland College in the fall.

Anthony Carlton

Anthony Carlton is a recently retired mechanic and ski/snowboard instructor, teaching mostly kids and people with disabilities. He works for The Street Trust as a bicycle safety instructor, The Community Cycling Center as a Bike Camp counselor, and now with WashCoBikes in the same capacity. He is also a certified fitness instructor specializing in youth fitness and a Spin certified indoor cycling instructor. 
Anthony has been an avid cyclist for most of my life as cycling is my passion. I have made it my post-retirement mission to educate, encourage and inspire kids to become cyclists, whether for fitness, fun, travel or commuting.

Holly Haskell

Holly grew up in a rural town in Kansas riding her bike everywhere.  With college behind me, so went her bike for 38 years.  After 20 years of teaching in the Hillsboro School District a retirement goal was to participate in a triathlon.  To do that she needed a bike.  WashCo Bikes came to the rescue.  Holly bought her first used bike from the Community Bicycle Center and started riding again.  The triathlon was a success, with Holly finishing 3rd in her age bracket.  In 2018 she grabbed onto an opportunity to teach bike camp for Wash Co Bikes and is ready for more fun. 

Mitch Taylor (Forest Grove)

Mitch is a retired forester after 34 years, who commuted by bike the last 5 years... even in the snow!  His love of cycling has been since I bought my first "stingray" bike for $32 in 1964. Now he's a recreational road cyclist mostly for the sheer joy of it, but it's also good exercise.  He has been an instructor for WashCo Bikes for the last three years.  He's also doing self guided international tours in retirement, including  8 days in Provence and a week in the Netherlands in 2018. Last year, he did a 9 day tour on the east coast of Tasmania in April of 2019, as well as a few days in Gippsland, Australia. Mitch has been trying to start a bike share program for Forest Grove.

Sheilagh Griffin (Wilsonville)

Sheilagh is enthusiastic about youth and biking! Her career background is working with youth in school programs. She has ten years of  experience with Safe Routes to School and eight of those were teaching and directing education programs in Portland Public Schools (as part of a team that taught Bike and Pedestrian Safety Education in 40 schools per - 5000 year). She began competitive cycling late in life and raced most all disciplines except for mountain biking. Cyclocross racing was her favorite, the combination of biking, running, going over barriers and getting muddy is awesome! She coached a High School cyclocross team in Portland for 4+ years. Sheilagh enjoys multi-day bike rides. She has been a volunteer and participant in Cycle Oregon off and on since 2001. She currently does not own a car and travels by walking, biking, and transit. She works for the City of Wilsonville as a Transportation Demand Management Technician, focussing on Safe Routes to School programs.