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Suzanne Lee-

Suzanne says: As a professional artist and educator since 1972 (K-Alzheimer's patients) and making major public art installations since 1995, I firmly believe that the arts are vital to the integrity and vitality of a society and the making of it is a healing process. Creative expression is what make us human and makes life worth living.

The high school students who worked on this project not only learned, by designing and drawing, to really see what they look at, they also got real life experience beyond the classroom. They were able to see their ideas grow from little seeds of thoughts and images to a real, permanent installation that they can enjoy and be proud of for their lifetimes. Immersed in the process, they now see other public art with a depth of understanding beyond that of most viewers.  


Artosaur by Christine Martell

Artosaur is going to be making a special appearance somewhere along the route. Bring the kids for a special photo opportunity. 





The Dusty Boys

The Dusty Boys love those timeless tunes! Lifelong musicians Walt Hellman and Price Luber bring an easygoing manner to their unique blend of classic American county-western, folk, and rock n'roll oldies. You can also count on these fellows to pull out a few delightful lesser-known songs that celebrate life, love and loss in a style that is accessible to all. 

Like many of Washington County's up-an-coming musical acts, The Dusty Boys came into being after a chance meeting at Hillsboro's well-known hotbed of musical activity, the influence Music Hall. Although Walt and Price may be getting a little gray themselves, their youthful energy has been pleasing audiences of all ages for a whole bunch of months now. Reviewers call them "a breath of fresh air" even on the hottest of summer days.                     


Bag & Baggage

Scott Palmer, founding artistic director of Bag & Baggage has this to say.....


It is mind-blowing to think how far Bag&Baggage has come in just eight short years: from a budget of less than $7,000 to over half a million-from a few shows performed out of luggage from the back of a car to a six-show season attracting thousands of patrons-from a cheeky "we think we can, we think we can" little theatre company to one of the most important cultural institutions in the region-the journey has been truly remarkable. But the journey isn't over. 


In fact, the best is yet to come.


All things evolve, and the time has come for Bag&Baggage to do so, too.


With the incredible, visionary support of The City of Hillsboro, Bag&Baggage has purchased an amazing new building that will become our permanent home in Hillsboro. Located in the heart of downtown, the former Wells Fargo Bank Building is an ideal space for us. Intimate, flexible, modern, edgy and....most importantly....ours.


B & B is launching a $1.4 million capital campaign to renovate this amazing new space to create a bold, intimate and highly flexible permanent home.


Over the course of the next 20 months, B & B staff and supporters will be engaged in a highly focused capital campaign to raise the funds necessary to transform the Bank Building into a 150 seat, modern studio theatre space, including administrative offices, a concessions/bar area, storage, meeting space and shop space-literally everything we need to succeed and evolve.


The new building will not only be home to our own programming but will also serve as a destination for other arts organizations to present their work, and will be a new space for corporate and event rentals. The space will also allow B&B to dramatically expand our educational and outreach work.


But most importantly, our new home will allow Bag&Baggage to explore our provocative, innovative theatrical style in a significantly more intimate space. Our new home will enable us to deepen our work, improve our quality, and experiment with new theatrical technologies such as immersive digital environments. It truly is an evolution. We look forward to showing you our future! 

The World's Greatest

Hillsboro design team artists celebrated the spirit of competition and displays of skill near the site of the annual Washington County Fair and the Hillsboro Air Show.

An ivy-covered trophy was insprired by the awards and ribbons from the County Fair. It boasts "The World's Greatest", encouraging people to take their pictures beside the proclamation.

Further to the west of the station, the landscape area is designed with a patchwork of plants and borders that look like an agricultural landscape viewed from the air.

Historic model airplanes refer to the significant role of Washington County airports in innovation, testing and manufacture of small aircraft. 

Devin Laurence Field-Barometer

Devin Laurence Field grew up in New Zealand and lived in many countries throughout his youth. After New Zealand he studied art in England, France, Japan and the United States. Devin specializes in large-scale public art commissions fabricated in metal. They are site specific, synthesizing elements from the site, local tradition or history and the artist's own form vocabulary. Recent public works are interactive, including elements such as sound activated color-changing LED lighting, viewing devices such as kaleidoscopes, solar power and touch-sensitive color changing surfaces.

Devin has been honored by the National Academy of Design in New York included in International Biennales, and invited to build sculptures for the Olympics. Devin's sculptures grace the collections of museums, cities and sculpture parks around the world.  www.devinlaurencefield.com


"Barometer" is a public art sculpture by David Laurence Field that is built in stainless steel at the Gordon Faber Recreation Complex in Hillsboro. The artwork allows viewers to play metal instruments within the scuplture that after dark trigger sound activated lighting to illuminiate the laser cut "diamond" atop the work.

Rose Garden by Lynn Adamo

The Mosaic Rose Garden was commissioned to the memory of Stanley Zajdel who was an avid gardener and supporter of the Eastman Rose Garden. Stan's passion was red hybird tea roses, so the artist designed the mosaic with a red rose in full bloom, with two rosebuds along side. The background was inspired by the trellis and bench designs found in the garden. To see other work by Lynn visit her website at LynnAdamo.com   


Time Travelers' Lycourn & Ball

"Myth, Magic, & Science"


Enjoy family friendly programs and activities with speakers, demonstrations and instruction throughout the day!

Dancing through the Ages with live music from 7-11pm. Daytime activities will include a Kids Corner, martial arts demonstrations, story telling and dance instruction, and more! Dress in clothing from your favorite historical time period.

For schedules and more information, see www.timetravelersball.com or find us on FaceBook.

This annual event is a fundraiser for the Hillsboro Historical Society  .

October 8th, 2016 at the Odd Fellows' Hall, 267 E. Main St. Hillsboro. 

The Tschida Artists

The Tschida artists, a group of artisits, formerly members of Tualatin Valley Artists who meet regularly to paint and create art. Organized by James Tschida, these artists participate in local art shows, paint at wineries with Skip Farmer and support the arts in Hillsboro whenever they can. The group besides Tschida consists of Jackie Woodard, Linda Holland, Cindy Sager, Linda Rollinger, Diane Otto, Lynn Taylor, and Ginny Goodman.