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Q: My child doesn't turn 9 until the end of August- can he attend?

A:  If your child turns 9 after the date guideline, please contact us. We will handle this on a case by case basis. Regardless, of age, all campers need to be able to ride their bicycles (without training wheels).

In addition to being able to ride their bicycle, the children need to be attentive and be able to take direction. Children who are constantly being disruptive will prompt instructors to have a discussion with the parents. This behavior is not fair to other campers and can be unsafe when the campers are out riding. 

Q: I want my child to attend camp- but we are leaving on vacation, can I get a price break?

A: At this time we don't have a rate for a partial week. 

Q: Do I have to bring my child's bike to camp every day?

A: No, we have pre-arranged to store the bicycles , helmets, locks, each night in the classroom. The classrooms are secured. 

Q: My child wants to go to bike camp- but my husband lost his job and money is tight. Is there any way?

A: We do offer some scholarships. Scholarships are in demand and we don't have enough sponsors to cover all campers. However, we ask parents applying for a scholarship to pay what they can, this will increase the number of scholarship we can offer. 

There are volunteer opportunities that you can help with that will give your child consideration of a scholarship as well. 

  • Attending a local farmers market-passing out camp flyers, talking up the camps
  • Recruiting your child's friends to attend camp (5 friends will earn $50.00 towards your child's tuition)
  • Volunteer opportunities within our organization are available that might suit you better. 

Q: I don't get off work until after 3pm. What happens to my child?

A: All children need to be picked up between 3:00 and 3:30pm.  Sometimes special arrangements can be made with the instructors but if you are going to be late, you'll need to arrange someone to pick up your child.

We have a form you'll be asked to fill out stating who is authorized to pick up your child. If you have someone pick up your child and they are not on the list- your child will NOT be released. You need to notify the instructors of any changes and make notes on the forms. 

Q: What do the kids do at camp?

A: A typical day begins at 9am when parents drop off the campers. Once checked in, the kids and instructors meet in the classroom to plan out the day. 

Monday, the instructors evaluate the kids riding skills, work on safe riding drills, and go for a ride to a park for lunch.

The rest of the week, the campers will go over drills, plan out what and where they are going and head out on an adventure. 

The campers will spend the better part of each day riding and exploring. During the week, they'll get introduced to mass transit and how to board your bike. Towards the end of the day, they'll head back to the classroom to meet parents for pickup. 

Friday, includes a wrap-up after lunch with a short test to find out what they learned during the week (this is for our purpose only). The kids all receive a goody bag and letter of completion. 

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