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These are a few of the kids you put smiles on their faces. More photos to follow.


2017-2018 Adopt-a-BIke Program

The BTC Adopt-a-Bike program is meant to give children in need a bicycle, helmet, and a bike lock. The bike presentation has typically occurred on the last day of school in December, depending on the weather.


For 2017, there are some changes to the program.

  1. We will still have a presentation in December, targeted at K-3rd grade. We anticipate giving 10 bike packages to three schools during this first phase.
  2. We would like to have a second presentation in March 2018 for grades 4-6. We anticipate we will have another 10 bike packages to give away at this time to the same three schools.

The children receiving bicycles attend Title One schools located in Washington County Oregon.  Each year, schools are chosen and staff sets the criteria for the kids to "earn" a bike. This could range from writing an essay, improving attendance, turning in homework on time. 


This Adopt-a-Bike season we are selecting three schools, two in Beaverton (Fir Grove and Greenway Elementary) and one in Tigard (Metzger).


The number of AAB bike packages given out each year is dependent on the amount of donations we collect during our campaign running November and December. In 2016-2017 we gave out over 130 bike packages Our goal for the 2017-2018 season is 180 bike packages plus another 20 given out during the year on a referral basis for a total of 200 bike packages.

Ways You Can Help Us Achieve Our Goal

The ways you can help us acheive our goals through a monetary donation.

  • We run this program at the year end because that is when most people are planning their year end donations. We are a recognized non-profit and will issue a tax donation acknowledgement for your tax records. 


Employer Donation Match Program:

  • Many employers also use 3rd party donation companies such as Benevity in which the employer will match their employees' donation. We encourage you to take advantage of this-as it really make a huge impact. Intel usually has one day in December where they will double match your donation....If people only knew this ahead of time...Be sure to ask your employer what they have to offer. 


Sustainability Giving:

  • Consider a $10, $15 or even $20 a month donation each and every month. Many banks and lending institutions offer ways to set up an auto payment plan. Your donation will continue to feed the Adopt-a-Bike program all year long. 

Other Giving Options:

  • Bikes!
    • If you would rather purchase a bike and donate it directly to the AAB program you are welcome to do so. The sizes we need most are 24" boys and girls bikes with gears. We prefer new bikes- but will also take gently used bikes- our volunteers will shine and polish them to like new condition. You can drop off the bikes at our bike shop, 137 NE 3rd Ave. Hillsboro OR. (503.844.9740)
  • Helmets!
    • There is a constant need for bike helmets- all sizes - all year long. New helmets can be dropped off our at our bike shop as well. 
  • Locks!
    • Who wants their bike stolen? Worse yet...their child's bike to be stolen? The locks we give out to the kids are simple locks that the combination can be changed easily. Cable and oblong locks are in demand all year long. 

How far does your money go?

  • $75.00 donation will give a child in Washington County, a bike, helmet, lock and an opportunity to participate in a two hour skills clinic. 
  • $20.00 donation will provide a child with a helmet. 
  • $10.00 donation will protect their bike from being stolen with a lock.
  • Donations of any amount is gladly accepted. Smaller donations are pooled together. We ask that you do what you can..it all helps.



Special Thanks













Brenda Tevis, Outreach Coordinator for Legacy Emanuel Medical Center's, Trauma Nurses Talk Tough program. 


Safe Routes to School Coordinators, Shaina Hobbs Tigard and Lynne Mutrie with Beaverton


2017/2018 Special thanks goes to the following schools.

Beaverton's-Greenway and Fir Grove and Tigard's-Metzger elementary schools. Without the help and support of their principals and staff we wouldn't have the success that we have come to know. 





Updated 1/31/2018